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Our Staff

Pride. Integrity. Passion.

Those three words tell the story of Precision Piece Parts, Inc. They explain why we've been in business since 1942. And they are words that define our future.

We have a long company history — a history that not many companies like ours can look back on. It's a history built on a solid foundation of pride. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to be the best. And that meant taking pride in our work— every day.

The good old-fashioned value of integrity has served our staff well. When everyone involved with a company deals honestly with each other, as well as with our customers and suppliers, we all win.

And we all have a passion for what we do. Striving to give more and make sure that jobs are done correctly, on time, the first time, and to the satisfaction of our customers.

We're extremely proud to say that we think our staff is the best in the business. We witness pride, integrity and passion from our newest employees through the dozen or so team members who have been with us for 20-50+ years!

That's the formula for success that has worked for us for over 60 years.



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